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Developing skills that you will draw on for the rest of your life is important at the ACE Academy. Not only do we want to develop and challenge you as a cricketer, but also as a person. At ACE we believe the better the person, the better the cricketer. Cricket reflects life.

Being away from home will bring about change in itself. You will need to become more independent as you take care of your own budgeting, washing, getting around socially etc. Your daily routine will change beyond your wildest dreams from environment, currency, lifestyle and people. You will be spending your days alongside other Academy cricketers and it will take time and patience to adjust to the habits and behaviour of other lads often from different home environments and cultures; that said many Academy boys forge life time friendships with guys
quite different to themselves.

The ACE cricket development programme will stretch you in many different ways. There may be times when you feel you are not making progress with your game, it may be the fitness regime is pushing you to your limits or the sport psychology workshops are asking you to consider area’s that take you out of your comfort zone.

life skills and fitness keeping fit at the gym

We will also involve you in voluntary activities outside of the Academy. These times are intended to open your mind, often your heart, stretch your thinking and develop your personal skills. You will make new contacts and friendships and be exposed to a different side to Australian life.

It may be that you are supporting a person in the gym that is battling cancer. You could be amongst a group that are running a feeding kitchen for the homeless or perhaps brightening the day of a disadvantaged child. We will place you where you feel most comfortable and although only an hour or two per week, we know the benefits to all involved, will far outweigh the commitment of time.

The ACE Academy and UWA offers many opportunities for building life skills that can be included as part of your cricket adventure. Please refer to for more details.

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