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The primary focus of the Australian Cricket Experience is to improve the cricketer's performance on the cricket field. Regardless of the standard of cricket you play or want to play, whether you bat, bowl, keep wicket or are selected for your fielding abilities. The programme will offer practical advice from the world's best.

Skills Practice at the James Oval - University of Western Australia

Identifying strengths and weaknesses on arrival is crucial. This process between coach and cricketer will lay down the training needs for the coming weeks.

This programme provides ample opportunity for skills practice and development. The cricketer will be batting, bowling, fielding or wicket keeping under the guidance of world renowned cricket professionals and top cricket coaches. On a one to one basis the young cricketer will receive input followed by ample time to practice the new skills.

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University of Western Australia School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health

The ACE Academy is part of the University of Western Australia School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health. This gives the ACE Academy direct access to the very latest cricket innovations in cricket coaching. Academy cricketers have the opportunity to volunteer and participate in cutting-edge research projects and taste what is currently happening in the world of sport science. For example, academy players have recently been involved in testing 3-D body scan technology.

PITCHVISION - Digital Video Analysis

Pitchvision™ ( is a revolutionary performance analysis system that enables instant video replay and data feedback (similar output to Hawkeye™). This technique is used for both batting and bowling analysis and feedback.

Laurence Houghton explains digital video performance analysis with PitchVision™:

For each ball, the line, length and speed are recorded alongside video footage from 2 camera angles. In addition, each player has their own online PitchVision™ membership which allows the video to be viewed on the evening of the session – so there’s no more waiting around for you DVD to be burned! PitchVision™ sessions are regularly run throughout the program.

PitchVision in action

A 5-over bowling test is run for the bowlers. During this test heart rates, sweat rates and jump performance is assessed. Most importantly, PitchVision™ technology is used to assess line, length and speed of delivery. Overall, the bowling test assesses a bowler’s consistency by looking at how close the grouping of balls is on the pitch map.

PitchVision Output


BATEX was designed and extensively tested as a part of Laurence Houghton’s PhD work at the School of Sport Science, Exercise and Health, The University of Western Australia. BATEX was designed to assess performance but also challenge the way batsman train in the nets. Essentially, BATEX ( replicates the physical demands of a high-intensity one-day hundred and requires batting and running-between-the-wickets during a 2 hour 20 min simulation. Various performance parameters are assessed including running-between-the-wicket times, heart rates, sweat rates, bat-ball contacts and jump performance. The UWA academy has access to the extensive database collated during Laurence’s PhD which enables a batsman’s BATEX performance to be compared to previous records. In addition to the performance data, BATEX provides invaluable experience of the physical demands of a prolonged batting innings in the heat of an Australian summer.

Laurence Houghton explains the BATEX batting simulation tool:

The Environment

Cricket Coaching Environment

The environment, atmosphere and influences will play a key role in the psychological preparation. Can anyone put a price on the benefits of being coached by those who have reached the top of the cricketing arena? Whether it be a slight adjustment to the way you play a shot, sharing experiences or dressing room gossip, it will in itself be a unique once in a lifetime experience.

Training alongside other talented young cricketers will generate both competition and motivation. Cricketers will be challenged to change. It may be techniques, lifestyle or mental thinking. We want them to become the best cricketer they possible can be.

James Oval and the other 'on campus' facilities are a short walk each morning from your accommodation at Currie Hall through the beautiful historic grounds of the University of Western Australia.

A.C.E. Cricket Coaching offers you the best. First class practice facilities, finest cricket coaches, latest coaching techniques complimented by the sunshine of Perth.

Game On

Every cricketer is hungry for the next big game. You will play for an Australian club side which means training and net sessions with games at the weekend. Our coaches will be observing you in play to ensure you are playing what has been practised.

There is no where else in the world with wickets like those in Perth. Mention the WACA and immediately you think of the hardest and fastest wicket in the world. You will have the opportunity of experiencing playing cricket on the fast, bouncy pitches that Perth is so renowned for.

WACA ground - Western Australia Cricket Association perth

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